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Biological wastewater treatment plant with high pollutant removal efficiency, fully transportable in containers (20-40 feet), modular from 1000 to 5000 population equivalent, pre-assembled and with low energy consumption

The plant consists of :

- accumulation-pre-treatment tank in container with air diffusers.

- prefabricated polyethylene tank with lifting pumps to adapt to the level of water discharge

- Mechanical pre-treatment compartment : screening, sand removal, oil removal, etc.

- Two-stage, high-performance, total oxidation biological section with limited production of surplus sludge, first stage MBBR, second stage total oxidation

- Lamellar decanter

- Filtration of purified water on sand filters

- Sludge treatment in static thickener and dewatering on filter press.

- UV disinfection.

The water treatment tanks are made up of modular containers completely pre-assembled with the equipment inside them.

For the installation is necessary only a support surface and the hydraulic connection of the different sections of the system.

Electricity consumption is about 2.1 kWh per kilogram of BOD removed per day.                 Drawing